Jalava Jukka – 6-Dan

Started Kendo during senior high school, in 1986, in the Helsinki Dojo Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi, as a founding member.
Japanese Sensei who have most influenced my Kendo: Uematsu-Sensei, Takahashi-Sensei, Iwatate-Sensei and Sumi-Sensei.

Named “Bénévole FLAM de l’année” in 2019.

Finnish National Team Member from 1989 until 1996.
Various podium placements in Finnish championships, mainly in Team competitions.
International Championships:
1989 Amsterdam EKC, 1990 Berlin EKC, 1991 Toronto WKC, 1993 Turku EKC, 1994 Paris WKC best 8 (Team), 1995 Glasgow EKC, 1996 Miskolc EKC 3rd (Team).

Brevet d’état formation de base pour entraineur de kendo – LUXQF3.

The essay I wrote and presented as part of the official trainer formation exam:

Keiser Oliver – 6-Dan

Started Kendo in 1986 in Zurich at the Budokan Zurich Dojo with Gerhard Tscherter Sensei – 7. Dan Kendo during my early years at the university.
Japanese sensei who influenced my kendo:
Fukumoto (Shuiji) sensei, Sumi sensei, Hirakawa sensei.
Key kendo teacher patiently guiding my development from my humble beginnings until today: Gerhard Tscherter sensei.

Luxemburgish national team from 1995 till 2008.
Swiss National Kendo team (B Kader) from 1989 until 1996
Trainer at the Budokan Zürich since 1992, trainer at the Shobukai Luxembourg since 1998.

Swiss championships: Various podium placements: individuals, but mainly in team competitions.
International Championships: participation in 1995 Glasgow EKC, 1996 Miskolc EKC, 1997 Kyoto WKC, 1998 Basel EKC, 1999 Lourdes EKC, 2001 Bologna EKC, 2002 Nantes EKC, 2003 Glasgow WKC, 2005 Bern EKC, 2008 Helsinki.

Brevet d’état formation de base pour entraineur de kendo – LUXQF3.

Marques Arnaldo – 2-Dan

’I had the luck of starting Kendo in 2016 when Yamasaki Yoichi-sensei came in at Shobukai for a seminar, I will never forget him. Another former Shobukai instructor who has influenced me much is Raphael Yoshitomi. However, with my friend and teacher Jukka Jalava I have progressed the most and we have had a lot of fun, and still do.

I am responsible for the beginners in Shobukai.’

Brevet d’état formation de base pour entraineur de kendo – LUXQF3.